March 3rd – Slimming World Menu

Hello , yeah – yeah as normal these days im rubbish at posting.

I joined slimming world a few weeks back , its going well and i have lost over a stone so far BUT its like my millionth attempt at dieting so im trying not to make a big deal out of it…basically talk to me in a few months and i will give you a view of how its going then . For this week at least im going to try and keep a daily diary of what im eating on here , find it the easiest way and it keeps me more accountable than other ways. So there you have it, not very interesting but hey its content :)

Today was not a great day for it , pay days tomorrow so not a huge amount of food in the house so i had to make do with what we had in here …

Breakfast – Muller light yoghurt and tin of pineapple (2.5sys for Pineapple) . Did not really have much else to add to it .

Then had a 2nd breakfast/brunch as i would be out over lunch time

Brunch – 2 boiled eggs, tin of beans and 3 quorn sausages (3 syns)

Had a snack /small lunch at 3pm to keep me going till dinner time

Snack – Mugshop , Apple and Orange . Also had a carrot at some point to keep me from stealing kids dinner.

Dinner – Mushy Pea curry with added Broccoli and Cauliflower , Had the sauce frozen from leftovers and added the extra veg to chunk it up . The sauce is just amazing , sounds strange but trust me it works – even the kids like it. Will not share recipe as its easy to find , just google it. Served it with some homemade Potato wedges and treated myself to a slice of bread and butter to scoop up some extra sauce (Going to say 5 syns for bread and butter)

TOTAL SYNS – 10.5 , i normally try to eat no syns and save them for the weekend (which im not sure you are meant to do anymore but it was allowed first time i joined and i like that rule) but i was really limited on what i could access today . I think i done pretty well overall – no healthy extras at all as i did not have them in the house. Sure looks like a lot of food when you write it down like this..

BODY MAGIC – School run with kids (around 30 minutes of walking ) , Window shopped (around 30 minutes walking ) and Aquafit class (45 minutes)

Cannot wait till tomorrow and food shop to arrive , i have a real thing for Mango lately and have finally remembered to order pickled onions and plan to snack on them with pineapple and a little bit of cheese from my health extras .

Night all :)

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Its Friday and its 3pm , the kids are just getting out of school for the weekend (no im not being neglectful, my sister is picking them up )

They will get home and quickly get changed then we will go to my mums for dinner and fun . The kids are all sleeping over.
Tomorrow i will have a nice long lie and a lazy morning, my boy will be dropped off about 1 and the girls taken to choose a new toy with grandparents (its a saving jar thing my mum keeps for them, Ru has got a new jacket and game so not left out) . The girls will get home and after spending a little time with them they will go to stay at my sisters , the boy and i will hopefully spend the afternoon playing his new game.

In the evening , Ru will head to bed and watch stuff till late on the iphone/ipad while i chill by myself (hubby will be working) . I will head to bed early and snuggled with my boy while i also watch stuff till late on the ipads.

We will rise around 8/9 Sunday morning , enjoy breakfast in peace and relax while doing some cleaning. Girls will be picked up around 12 then we will all head to my mother in laws for Sunday lunch , hubby and i will leave at 3 and the kids will be returned home around 5 – its then quick dinner and beds . Then another evening to chill…

Weekends around here are pretty relaxing and fun affairs and i know it sounds like i spend little time with my children but normally we have Saturday afternoons and evenings together. We all look forward to them , my kids no longer get up every day at 5am (and if the girls do they play in the room or watch stuff on tablets – they don’t wake me ) . They no longer spend all day arguing or throwing tantrums , we all just enjoy the time at home. School nights they are in bed for 6/7 but on non school nights can stay up as late as they want (well that is what they think, we tend to trick them into sleep about 10 ) . They much behave and be in there bedrooms – they love that they get to take the ipads into bed and watch them as they are not normally allowed this.

All this just makes weekends extra special for them and it makes me count down the minutes till the next one.

Its funny though as for a long time i dreaded weekends, while others posted about long lies and family fun i was pulling my hair out in frustration – we were exhausted from the 5am wake ups and the kids were to much of a handful for me to manage on my own out the house. Plus everywhere was either too crowded or too expensive with the schools off. During the week we kept busy with toddlers , other groups, playgroups/nursery/school ect.. and it all just stopped at the weekend.

I use to say Monday was my favorite day of the week

Its nice to no longer feel like that, it feels right to look forward to weekends so much . And holidays …well lets just say we are counting down the seconds till the next one with anticipation.

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January 7

A cheat with two pictures today but every morning when I go into the girls room the site of there bed side books make me smile . Just adore my little readers …



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January 6


First morning back at school this year … Kids were unimpressed grumpy rascals . Roll on Easter .

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January 5

Rows of freshly washed and ironed school uniforms , I’m looking forward to the hours of study time but the 6am wake up now so much … Roll on summer ..


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January 4

Today was another day of staying in , wearing pjs and enjoying the last few days of freedom. We did get around to taking the tree and decorations down . Ruaridh was not a happy boy , he wavered between anger and sadness over it and I think the poor boy just hates that the holiday season is over . I was almost done here when he grabbed the lights , turned them on and sat and sulked


Felt bad for the little guy :(

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January 3

We went to visit friends today , the weather was less than delightful and the kids not happy about walking in the rain (although we got lucky and missed rain on the way there and only got caught in it just before home on the way back ). I asked them to stop and let me snap a picture and shesh I got flack for it . I got a mouthful from each of them about “walking fast – no carrying on – no stopping ” and the other rules we have when walking in rubbish weather . Guess even mummy should be following the rules …


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January 2

The word of today is Lazy – the kids slept for about 13 hours last night and i managed about 11. The kids only got changed out of pjs to put fresh ones on – just now its 1.30pm and im sitting on the computer as they are busy. On last look Ruaridh was playing Zelda on the Wii , and the girls up stairs playing. They spent hours doing this, lock themselves in there bedroom pretending to be in an imaginary land and mummy or any grown up is not welcome.

Eilidh took a break from playing to watch a movie on the Ipad, for some reason she sat on the stairs for it all. Kids are peculiar aren’t they?

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January 1

Happy new year to all my readers :)

Hard to believe its 2014 already , 2013 seems to have passed in a busy blur and i imagine 2014 will do the same. We have had the most wonderful holiday season , its been unbelievable relaxing and my children have been sleeping into at least 9am daily (and these are the same children who once considered 6am to be late). Life returns to normal in a few days and we are going to enjoy every last moment of doing nothing.

Im yet again going to attempt Project365, A picture a day or what ever its called this year. Maybe this year i will actually finish it…

New years eve we spent as a family , just the 5 of us rang in the bells together and what more could i want?

New years day we went to my mother in laws for dinner, the boy was tired (as were the girls after staying up so late the night before) and after dinner he was content to sit on the couch watching Home Alone and eating chocolate coins

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All I Want For Christmas


Its this time of year again , my usual Christmas enthusiasm seems dampened at the moment. Im tired and burnt out with uni and life in general and struggling to feel it . That does not mean im not doing the best i can to make it a wonderful year for the children and the rest of the family , our snowman (our version of elf on the shelve) is around causing havoc , tree is going up and plenty of crafts planned. Days out and parties a plenty on the schedule for the next few weeks.

I guess somethings its easy to remember the “good old days” when , we could make Christmas lists and know Santa would do his best to bring it all. After we buy for the kids and the rest of the family money is tight so mummy and daddy cannot ask for much.

As usual my list goes something like this – something practical , some chocolate and that’s fine thanks (This year the something practical is new bedding and curtains for our bedroom plus a new printer as ours is rubbish . That will need to wait till January though) .

Its nice to dream though , and just incase Santa is listening this year here is what i would really like to find under my tree Christmas morning

1 – New bedding , curtains and a printer (just because they are practical does not mean i don’t want them).
2 – A Wii U
3 – Some nice chocolates
4 – A voucher for a shopping spree or maybe a pamper session
5 – Some nice new headphones and gym kit for getting back to the gym.
6 – Some hair straighteners
7 – Lots of lovely new stationary (pens , papers ect)
8 – Ugg Boots
9 – The property deed to a villa in Florida
10 – A magic pill that i can take and loose alot of weight without cutting back on my calories..

Ok im being silly with the last two …but if im dreaming i may aswell dream big. What would be on your dream Christmas list this year ?

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