Kids, Who Would Have Them?

Its 8.45am here just now, for most people morning has not long started but for me its only about an hour away from one of my favorite parts of the day – naptime :)

In the meanwhile i will clean (or ehh blog) while Rebecca climbs in and out of Eilidhs high chair giving me a heart attack each time, guess its better than jumping from the couch to a table as she was doing earlier this morning.
She is currently naked (and now getting very upset because she wants an apple and we have none) having decided it was a great idea to do the toilet on her freshly ironed dress (that had not even made it on her yet – ohh and she now just peed on the high chair sigh). If course when i put the wet dress for washing she threw a good old tantrum because that was the dress she wanted to wear and not the silly short set that i pulled out to replace it (because it doest need ironed, thankfully) . A few minutes later in a attempt to cheer herself up she went for a snack , well as its shopping day tomorrow we are low on everything and she decided a pack of dried Broad beans was just what she always wanted – another lovely tantrum follows. Have i mentioned the fit she threw when i wouldn’t get stroller from the end room so she could play in it? No lets leave that one then.

So at this moment in time she is sitting in the highchair (tray removed where the pee was) eating leftover boiled egg (from lunch yesterday, must have escaped the cleaning somehow) while Eilidh moans and eats cheerios of the floor asking for dada. Can naptime just come a little sooner today please?

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4 Responses to Kids, Who Would Have Them?

  1. christinator says:

    i’m sorry, Laura, I know I really shouldn’t laugh…but I can’t help giggling just a bit! I think we all have days like that and it’s good to know I’m now alone. Nadia’s not even 2 yet so I can’t imagine what the “terrible twos” will be like! I hope the girls gave you a nice long nap and the rest of the day was tantrum free.

  2. Shannon says:

    I have days like that a lot, but thank goodness I only have one right now… not sure what I would do if I had do of them lol…

  3. Tiffany says:

    I think we all have days like this. Everytime I read your blog I think “So this is what I get to look forward to” LOL. Hope tomorrow is a better day

  4. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch says:

    Sounds just like my house. Hang in there!

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