Half Term

It’s October week here in Scotland , means a week of no school/toddlers or anything to do. For once though i don’t mind. It is nice to kick back and chill , all take it easy for a few days . Have A in the afternoons so that keeps the kids happy.

Maybe i should mention that Ru seems to have a little crush on his friend , this is not new . In fact i would say its been going on for at least 6 months now. At toddlers he would follow her around as soon as he was able , he was always trying to grab her and wanted to be right where she was . A would be ok with it there.

At play dates they seemed to play ok together (well as good as 2 one year olds can) but in the last week she seems to have developed a little fear of him . I don’t really blame A , she is a small little girl (cute as could be mind you . These big brown eyes , i think she looks so much like Suri Cruise. ). Ru and her are about the same height and im pretty sure he our weighs her. A is also an only child , not used to the chaos and fighting that takes place in my crazy household.

So as i was saying all 3 kids adore her , first thing Rebecca asks in the morning is “is A coming today?” . Today every 15 minutes or so i was getting “What is A doing? ” (I mean how am i suppose to know , home with her mummy i kept saying) . They love playing with her and she seems to really like playing with them.

Ru is the little bully , if A has something he wants it . If A goes somewhere he must follow . If she is anywhere near him he must try for a kiss and cuddle. At no time do i think he is trying to hurt her , he just wants to play and be near her.

It then goes like this – A plays , Ru annoys her . A cries and wants up . Ru also wants up . Both kids cry . Both kids get happy and play . Repeat.

Quite the challenge looking after them all .

Now im going to bring out the heavy arsenal (other wise known as grapes and strawberries) to hopefully keep the kids entertained for 10 minutes while i quickly make dinner .

Doing some Turkey Sloppy Joes , Home made roasts potatoes and Broccoli . Prob some tomatoes to ( i love tomatoes with roast potatoes , girls love tomatoes full stop ). Anyone else and interesting meals planned this week? Going to make some Carrot and Lentil soup one night and Tuna Pasta another ,this without the tomatoes (as hubby will not eat them) for another night.

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  1. Natalie says:

    I honestly don’t know how you look after that number of kids, I would be exhausted! I am exhausted and I have two!!
    Love reading other people’s meal plans; this week we are having (in no set order…)
    Fish pie, chickpea curry and cous cous, Toad in the hole (new recipe from Sainsburys feed ur family 4 fiver card) and Tuna and spinach cannelloni (another Sainsburys fiver card.), the lentil soup another night. and hopefully will have more food by then LOL

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