July 15 (Holiday Day 5)

July 15

We decided today to go and do a little day tripping – much researching and discussion we decided on going to Greenwood Forest Park . I must say if anyone is ever in this area we would all really recommend it – it is a great park and very decently priced (we paid just under £40 for the 3 of us – Ru was free as under 3 ) . There is loads to do and plenty for all ages (including a little village just for toddlers) .


We eat breakfast and made our way there , first up was the jumping pillow


Then the boats (we played Dora/Diego on these …you have to grab onto ropes overhead to get the boat going. We all had a blast )


Then the barefoot trail (the boys wisely missed this one out – we had to walk through different areas with no shoes or socks on. Many of them were stony and pretty darn unpleasant…we did have a giggle though)


Then some tractor things (there were knackering )


Then we explored the crocodile maze and found the center


And then we all (except Ru who explored toddler village) had fun on a people powered roller coaster.


The girls posed beside a statue


Then finally stopped, had something to eat and the kids played in the park (loved how there was only one was in/out to the place so parents can sit and relax)


And how could i forget the kids favorite ..the dragon slide… they had a big one and a little one so everyone could have fun. Ru loved the little one and it took the girls a while to go on the bigger one but when they did they wanted to go non stop (which would of been ok if you did not have to climb a mountain first)


We finished up with some archery


The kids all had a little nap in the car coming home so we even made it out for some fun in the evening.


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One Response to July 15 (Holiday Day 5)

  1. Annissa says:

    OMG it looks like you guys have had an amazing time!! Lots of fun :)

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