Thoughts Of Pregnancy

I feel every time I turn around just now someone else is announcing there pregnancy.

(8 months pregnant with my second daughter Eilidh )

I know it’s silly to be jealous , I have 3 amazing kids and even if we were going to have a forth just now is just not the right time for it . We would need a bigger house , hubby needs to find a permanent job and truthfully for the first time in many years im getting a little bit of my freedom back and im not ready to loose that.

I really do miss being pregnant though and all the wonders that come along with it. The feeling of the baby growing inside you , the constant wonder of what will they be like and how will the birth will be.

I dream of having a nice and stress free pregnancy , my first was horrible and I had various problems from day 1 (migraines, Polyhydramnios , ligament problems just to name a few of them) then the birth was long and painful and my daughter born with medical problems .

I was lucky that pregnancy 2 and 3 were straight forward and that I mostly felt fine during them but the mental stress and worry consumed me .

2nd time it was how would I cope with 2 babies 17 months apart . My eldest was still breastfeeding, not sleeping well , co-sleeping and not to mention not walking or talking and I spent so much of the pregnancy in a panic over my ability to cope with it (turns out though it was a breeze and I should just of enjoyed the 9 months). Biggest problem was going over my due date when I was early the first time around.

3rd time was stressful again with yet more worries of how I would cope with a 3rd in just over 3 years . Both girls were still breastfeeding and my eldest still slept with us .We still only had a small two bed flat . Rebecca was also going through more medical problems and for a lot of the 3rd trimester I had to put my pregnancy aside and forget about it while dealing with her, I was unable to make midwife appointments or even thinking about the baby.

I think every pregnancy comes with its own worries and fears but I would love to be able to enjoy one in the way I really want to . I would love to feel excited (not scared) and have everyone else share in our joy . I would definitely turn to websites such as for advice and information on how baby is developing. I have no idea if another is in our future though , at the moment im going to enjoy the babies i already have and getting to sleep all night and try not think about it to much.

(I received a payment for this post )

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  1. I can totally understand this feeling! I think a lot of mums loved their pregnancies (shame about the issues with your third). And you are so right to concentrate onthe good things of having three wonderful children. You’re right, who knows what the future holds!

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