Holiday , Summer and Fun


Is there anything more depressing than returning from holiday ? Especially when its your dream , once in a lifetime 2 weeks away.

For so long we have planned and talked about going to Florida and now…well now its over ( but its ok , WE WILL BE BACK)

We arrived back Sunday evening and have been taking full advantage of the fact that school is out and enjoying lazy days and late nights. After two busy weeks some chill time is so needed. But hey i guess you don’t all want to here about that as this post is meant to be about the holiday. Condensed into a few bullet points to save me and you some time..


1 – Traveling with young children can be an adventure and not as bad as we thought. The journey involved a taxi , 4 trains (one London underground , no lift and loads of suitcases) , a 9 hour plane journey and a 1.5 hour car ride . It took around 25 hours on the way home (more on the way there but we stopped in a hotel over night ) . For the most part it went smoothly (i will not go into much detail about Ru throwing up on the plane shall i???)


2 – A private villa is a must , we had a huge kitchen (with dishwasher ect) , 3 sitting rooms , 5 bedrooms (3 with en-suite) plus an extra bathroom and the most important part the private pool. Even with 9 people the place did not feel over crowded and we had our own space. Plus the pool was amazing , we could sit and relax and watch the kids have fun without other kids in the way.


3 – Traveling with a big group can be tricky, it has many advantages – plenty of people to help with the kids and around the house and just in general sharing all the experiences together. Sometimes though trying to keep everyone together/happy involved much planning and stress. There was a good few arguments but as usual we would bicker and moments later all forgotten about. Over all it was lovely being on holiday with my whole family again.


4 – Theme parks , theme parks , theme parks. We wanted to do it all and we almost did …From Magic Kingdom to Busch gardens to Kennedy and a lot in between. It was hot, they were busy and we went on loads of rides ( AND HARRY POTTER LAND IS AMAZING) . We terrorized Becca on tower of terror , watched many wonderful 3d/4d shows/rides , got wet over and over ..

I do have a lot more to write about it all , many reviews of the parks and places but for now this will do . For now the boy is sleeping , the girls out playing and hubby at work so im going to enjoy the quiet and maybe look into holidays for 2014 some more…holiday blues for sure around here.

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