Have i ever mentioned i don’t drink Pepsi/Coke or related products ? I dislike the smell and the taste and would rather go thirsty than take so much as a sip . In a world of Pepsi drinkers (and well my dad also works for the well known rival company) im always the strange one. My hubby drinks Pepsi Max by the bottle load and its pretty much all he drinks (no water, no tea or coffee just Pepsi Max) . Pepsi Max recently launched the Live for now campaign

“Now is what you make it,Show us how you #livefornow” it quotes on there website and its really got me thinking…

I don’t live for now , im always thinking of the future and what is to come . I think about tomorrow to much and i don’t spend nearly enough time in the moment. I need to live that way for the children but i need to live more in the now for them to. Its a change i cannot make over night but a change i need to try and make.

For now im going to live in the now and watch the video below again..enjoy everyone

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