All I Want For Christmas


Its this time of year again , my usual Christmas enthusiasm seems dampened at the moment. Im tired and burnt out with uni and life in general and struggling to feel it . That does not mean im not doing the best i can to make it a wonderful year for the children and the rest of the family , our snowman (our version of elf on the shelve) is around causing havoc , tree is going up and plenty of crafts planned. Days out and parties a plenty on the schedule for the next few weeks.

I guess somethings its easy to remember the “good old days” when , we could make Christmas lists and know Santa would do his best to bring it all. After we buy for the kids and the rest of the family money is tight so mummy and daddy cannot ask for much.

As usual my list goes something like this – something practical , some chocolate and that’s fine thanks (This year the something practical is new bedding and curtains for our bedroom plus a new printer as ours is rubbish . That will need to wait till January though) .

Its nice to dream though , and just incase Santa is listening this year here is what i would really like to find under my tree Christmas morning

1 – New bedding , curtains and a printer (just because they are practical does not mean i don’t want them).
2 – A Wii U
3 – Some nice chocolates
4 – A voucher for a shopping spree or maybe a pamper session
5 – Some nice new headphones and gym kit for getting back to the gym.
6 – Some hair straighteners
7 – Lots of lovely new stationary (pens , papers ect)
8 – Ugg Boots
9 – The property deed to a villa in Florida
10 – A magic pill that i can take and loose alot of weight without cutting back on my calories..

Ok im being silly with the last two …but if im dreaming i may aswell dream big. What would be on your dream Christmas list this year ?

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