March 3rd – Slimming World Menu

Hello , yeah – yeah as normal these days im rubbish at posting.

I joined slimming world a few weeks back , its going well and i have lost over a stone so far BUT its like my millionth attempt at dieting so im trying not to make a big deal out of it…basically talk to me in a few months and i will give you a view of how its going then . For this week at least im going to try and keep a daily diary of what im eating on here , find it the easiest way and it keeps me more accountable than other ways. So there you have it, not very interesting but hey its content :)

Today was not a great day for it , pay days tomorrow so not a huge amount of food in the house so i had to make do with what we had in here …

Breakfast – Muller light yoghurt and tin of pineapple (2.5sys for Pineapple) . Did not really have much else to add to it .

Then had a 2nd breakfast/brunch as i would be out over lunch time

Brunch – 2 boiled eggs, tin of beans and 3 quorn sausages (3 syns)

Had a snack /small lunch at 3pm to keep me going till dinner time

Snack – Mugshop , Apple and Orange . Also had a carrot at some point to keep me from stealing kids dinner.

Dinner – Mushy Pea curry with added Broccoli and Cauliflower , Had the sauce frozen from leftovers and added the extra veg to chunk it up . The sauce is just amazing , sounds strange but trust me it works – even the kids like it. Will not share recipe as its easy to find , just google it. Served it with some homemade Potato wedges and treated myself to a slice of bread and butter to scoop up some extra sauce (Going to say 5 syns for bread and butter)

TOTAL SYNS – 10.5 , i normally try to eat no syns and save them for the weekend (which im not sure you are meant to do anymore but it was allowed first time i joined and i like that rule) but i was really limited on what i could access today . I think i done pretty well overall – no healthy extras at all as i did not have them in the house. Sure looks like a lot of food when you write it down like this..

BODY MAGIC – School run with kids (around 30 minutes of walking ) , Window shopped (around 30 minutes walking ) and Aquafit class (45 minutes)

Cannot wait till tomorrow and food shop to arrive , i have a real thing for Mango lately and have finally remembered to order pickled onions and plan to snack on them with pineapple and a little bit of cheese from my health extras .

Night all :)

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